The 2012 Eclectic Ear Awards

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Country Music, Heavy Metal, Rock Music
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Well if the Grammy nominating committee continues to insist on ignoring me I guess I’m just going to have to invent my own awards.  Don’t laugh, I think it’s how the “Golden Globes” and “The People’s Choice” got started.

So the “Eclecties” are a rare honor.  So rare that the artists who win them don’t even know they’ve won.  How rare is that?

I also figure that anyone can walk off with an award that sits gathering dust on the mantel or in the den.  Why not an award that sits out on the lawn and let’s everyone know you’ve been honored while providing a colorful target for dogs and pigeons?


So without delay here are the 2012 Honorees…

Best 2012 Pop Album by A Group Around for More Than 25 Years

That’s Why God Made the Radio – The Beach Boys

Best (Relatively) New Artist

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Most Untimely Musical Death in 2012 (Tie)

Davy Jones (2/9)  and Adam Yauch (5/4)

Archaeology: Best Work Dug Up, Dusted Off, and Reissued in 2012

Celebration Day – Led Zeppelin

Best Heavy Metal Album of 1972 (Only 40 Years Late)

Machine Head – Deep Purple

Lifetime Achievement Award

Merle Haggard



  1. Most played from my list in 2012 were the new album from Richard Hawley ” Standing at the Sky’s Edge” closely followed by “Big Station” – Alejandro Escovedo. But track of the year for me was this, a one-off duet collaboration which has Zep features, funk, world and just coolness …. ( you can hide the subtitles if you wish)


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