Modern Jazz Masterpiece: “Nocturne” by Charlie Haden

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Jazz, Latin Jazz
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One disk that makes a regular appearance in my CD player is Charlie Haden’s “Nocturne”.  This 2001 release from the legendary jazz bassist is a tour de force of some of the most beautiful Cuban music I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  In 2002, Haden (born 1937)  picked up the Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album and it was well deserved in a category jammed with Latin jazz masters.

Track listing

1.”En la Orilla del Mundo (At the Edge of the World)” (Rojas) – 5:14

2.”Noche de Ronda (Night of Wandering)” (Lara) – 5:43

3.”Nocturnal” (Marroquin, Mojica) – 6:56

4.”Moonlight (Claro de Luna)” (Haden) – 5:37

5.”Yo Sin Ti (Me Without You)” (Castro) – 6:02

6.”No Te Empeñes Mas (Don’t Try Anymore)” (Valdes) – 5:30

7.”Transparence” (Rubalcaba) – 6:11

8.”El Ciego (The Blind)” (Manzanero) – 5:58

9.”Nightfall” (Haden) – 6:40

10.”Tres Palabras (Three Words)” (Farres) – 6:18

11.”Contigo en la Distancia (With You in the Distance)” (de la Luz) – 6:33

Haden is backed up here by an all-star cast of top players including one of my favorite jazz pianists Gonzolo Rubalcaba and tenor sax great Joe Lovano.  Rubalcaba’s 2001 release “Supernova” ended up as one of the nominees competing for the Grammy.  Charlie took it home though.

charlie_haden-2   gonzalo_rubalcaba_03_casalmaggiore2011  JoeLovano1bJimmyKatz-1304951893

(l-r)  Haden, Rubalcaba, Lovano

From the subtle grooves of Haden’s bass to the fluid lines of Rubalcaba’s piano, the texture is lush and the emotions ring through the sax and violin melodies that bring up images of a night in Havana.

This album is a must-have for any fan of Latin jazz and if you’re new to the genre – you couldn’t pick a better place to start.


  1. I’ll seriously check this out, Tim. This weekend’s homework….


  2. DC Cardwell says:

    Unbelievably beautiful album! If people paid attention like they used to this would be Kind Of Blue stature!


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