New Music Review: Flat Ed

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Alternative, Folk Music, Rock Music
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flat ed

I came across some new music in my inbox today from the singer/songwriter known as Flat Ed.

Flat Ed’s debut album “Clapped Out” is being released on May 1st and the readers of The Eclectic Ear get a sneak peek at this fine combination of modern-day folk troubadour and electro-pop hooks.

The ten tracks are not easily pigeon-holed but my first listen reminded me of Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford’s early works with Squeeze and some of the New Wave writing of the 1980’s updated for modern consumption.   Although Tilbrook and Difford took inspiration from The Kinks and The Beatles,  and were later saddled by the burden of being “the next” Lennon – McCartney (they weren’t IMO), Flat Ed goes beyond the standard pop fare and introduces other influences to bring the songs beyond what a standard Squeeze song may be about.

Flat Ed covers a couple of Kinks tunes himself on his SoundCloud page including “Days” and  “Village Green Preservation Society”.  Both are well-done.

I also hear some similarities to the music of Roddy Frame (of Aztec Camera fame) and as one of my long-time favorite singer songwriters I consider this to be high praise for Flat Ed.


More can be found about Flat Ed and a link to buy “Clapped Out” can be found here:

Some Flat Ed samples…

Some Roddy Frame and Tilbrook / Difford tunes for your enjoyment…

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