An Overview: Women Who Rock – Part One

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Rock Music
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Last year I put up a post for one of my favorite performers, Grace Potter.  Grace still rocks it but I thought it high time I paid some homage to some other women who know how to rock as well as any guy and look a lot better at the same time.

orianthi land shark stadium  040110


I had the opportunity to see Orianthi perform a short set at a guitar show in Maryland a few years ago.  She started off with some classic riffs but morphed into ripping the roof off with some Hendrix. It was an incredible performance.  At 28 years old she has the chops of an experienced rocker.  Part of her claim to fame is that she was booked to be Michael Jackson’s guitarist for the tour scheduled just before MJ died.  There’s some scorching video where she’s onstage with the “gloved one” just tearing it up on “Beat It”.  I’ve added it here from the  “This Is It” rehearsals.  She also had a hit debut single with a tune called “According To You”.

linda 1

Linda Ronstadt

Linda was probably the first female band leader that I saw in concert.  It was at the old Academy of Music on 14th Street in New York in the mid’70’s and Linda was at the height of her powers.  I loved it. The music was great.  The fact that she came out on stage wearing an old Cub Scout uniform that was a few sizes too small didn’t hurt either.  She may not be a guitar slinger, and she may have sung some great jazz and beautiful Mexican songs but, don’t be fooled, this lady taught the girls how to rock it. I added “When Will I Be Loved” and “Heat Wave” below.


 Lita Ford

Lita is best known for being the lead guitarist with The Runaways back in the ’70’s. I never saw them live but it was one band that I wish I had seen.  Alongside Joan Jett, Sandy West, Jackie Fox, and Cherie Currie, these girls rocked it worldwide.  I saw Lita not to long ago on a segment of Eddie Trunk’s “That Metal Show”.  There’s no doubting she’s still a rock star and knows her way around a guitar.  I’ve added the classic “Cherry Bomb” – a huge hit for The Runaways below. Just the right amount of rock and roll sound combined with a KMA attitude.


Deborah Harry

I know, I need to post an overview of the band Blondie – one of my favorite New York acts from back in the day. The guys rocked but there’s no question that Debbie was the star of the show.  She was born in Miami but adopted by a couple from New Jersey.  I saw her a few times in my misspent youth including one show at Max’s where she came over to say hello to some guys I was sitting with from a different band.  Always a classy person and a true command of the stage.  I’ve added a track of my favorite Blondie song “Picture This”.  You don’t hear a lot about female stalkers but you gotta love the line “I will give you my finest hour. The one I spent watching you shower.”. Oh yeah.  I’ve also added a clip of Debbie and Chris Stein on the Merv Griffin show. 😎


  1. mikeladano says:

    Love Orianthi! Wish I had the chance to see her with Alice. I reviewed her last album here:


    • Tim Brosnan says:

      I was a little disappointed with her joining Alice’s band as I guess I view him more as an aging past-his-prime rock guy with more theater than music. I know that’s blasphemy to a lot of metal fans but I think she should have looked for a “younger” band. Maybe something more original? It will be interesting to see how long she stays with AC.


      • mikeladano says:

        Typically Alice likes to use his band as a launch pad for artists to find further success, such as Kip Winger, Al Pitrelli, Jimmy DeGrasso, and Derek Sherininian. I would hope Orianthi sticks around to do a studio album with Alice (which unfortunately is just a covers album).


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