Happy Independence Day to the readers of The Eclectic Ear.  Have a safe and great holiday!

Here are a few of my favorite selections to help you enjoy your holiday!

  1. This Land Is Your Land” – Los Lobos with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir.  What a find!  Some of my favorite musicians jamming on a classic Woody Guthrie ballad in 1989.  A great song for a great nation.
  2. We’re An American Band” – Grand Funk Railroad.  A classic rocker 1973 with Mark Farmer on vocals and the “4 Chiquitas from Omaha”.  Their first big hit and produced by Todd Rundgren too.  Crank it up.
  3. Born Free” – Kid Rock.  No, not a cover of the song about Elsa the Lion.  A better offering from Kid. My admiration for KR grows every year.  A great tune.
  4. American Tune” – Paul Simon.  One of our nation’s greatest living songwriters and one of my favorite Simon tunes from the 1973 release “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”.  40 years later and this song still moves me every time.
  5. Almost Independence Day” – Van Morrison.  From the 1972 album “St. Dominic’s Preview”.  Van the Man may have been channeling James Joyce on this stream-of-conscious composition.  Van’s trading acoustic licks here with Ron Elliott (of Beau Brummels fame).
  6. American Girl” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  Although I’ve been partial to the Goo-Goo Dolls cover of this Petty tune, this is classic Heartbreakers at their best. Although a straight up rocker listen for the “Bo Diddley Beat” in the background.  It defines the song and combines with Petty and Campbell’s jingling guitar riffs.






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